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Our Services

Tire fitment

Using the most advanced tire fitment machines to ensure proper fitment and rim protection.

Tire balancing

Highly calibrated Hunter Road Force machines® for optimal balancing

Wheel alignment

All branches are equipped with the Hunter Hawkeye Elite® laser wheel alignment machines - regarded as the most accurate alignment machines in the world. Vehicles’ original manufacturing specifications are regularly updated on-line

Puncture repair

Our service stations use the minicombi internal repair patches. This process is the only approved method of repairing tire punctures as recommended by tire manufacturers

Oil & filters change

Top quality oils and original filters are used by our trained specialists for all types of vehicles; passenger cars, 4X4, light trucks and trucks.

Brake service

Our service specialists are trained to change brake pads and disks for all types of vehicles; passenger cars, 4X4, light trucks and trucks

Rim Repair and rim cleaning services

Our service stations offer professional rim repair and rim cleaning services.

Nitrogen gas

Nitrogen gas is recommended to maintain constant air pressure and keeps the internal tire temperature cooler; which results in fuel savings.

Additional Services: TPMS valves, chrome valves, torque wrench bolts tightening

About Us


A family-run group of companies since 1939.

Adeeb Sabbagh Sr. was a pioneer in the automotive industry, acknowledged as the first entrepreneur to import tires and after-market spare parts for the burgeoning car industry in the Levant Region.

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Our Mission

Strive to become one of the leading organizations in the Automotive Industry in the Region; through building brands’ equity, achieving the highest standard in sales and distribution and offering a premium after-sales service.

About Us

  • Sabbagh Group (SG) was established in 1939.
  • SG of companies has offices in Jordan and Lebanon with affiliate offices in Palestine, Iraq and Syria.
  • Highly regarded name and reputation in the region.
  • Professional management team.
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Our Branches

Michelin Center – Al-Bayader Branch

  • Tel: 00 962 6 5865999
  • Operating hours: 08:30 to 17:00
  • 8 Al-Rabea’ Bin Alnuman St.
    Bayader Wadi Elseer - Amman
  • Fax: 00 962 6 5865087
  • Email: info@sabbaghgroup.com

Michelin Center – Ras-Elain Branch

  • Tel: 00 962 6 4399212
  • Operating hours: 08:30 to 17:00
  • Al-Muthanna Bin Harethah St. 67
    Ras-Elain - Amman
  • Fax: 00 962 6 4395055
  • Email: info@sabbaghgroup.com

Michelin - ASEZA Branch

  • Tel: 00 962 6 5865999
  • Operating hours: 08:30 to 17:00
  • Fax: 00 962 6 5865087
  • Email: info@sabbaghgroup.com


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